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Question: Name the main character in the film The Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

Answer: Indiana Jones

Question: What was the last black and white film to win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer: The Artist (in 2011)

Question: Which actress emerged from the sea in Dr No wearing a white bikini? 

Answer: Ursula Andress

Question: What animal is associated with the beginning of an MGM film?

Answer: Lion

Question: What was the name of Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of Oz? 

Answer: Toto 

Question: The Walt Disney film, The Jungle Book was adapted from a book of the same name written by whom? 

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

Question: Who starred in and directed the classic film The General which has frequently been described as “a masterpiece”? 

Answer: Buster Keaton 

Question: Which comedy duo starred in the 1932 Oscar-winning short film The Music Box

Answer: Laurel & Hardy  

Question: Which epic film, based on a real historical character, is the only film to win an Oscar for Best Picture without any female speaking role?

Answer: Lawrence of Arabia 

Question: Who, in he film of the same name, said, No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

Answer: Goldfinger 

Question: In which film did Marilyn Monroe sing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Answer: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Question: What was the name of the fictional incompetent policemen featured in silent comedy films? 

Answer: Keystone Cops 

Question: Which Egyptian Queen was played by Claudette Colbert in a 1934 Cecil B De Mille film? 

Answer: Cleopatra 

Question: The Blue Meanies were the enemy of the Beatles in which film?

Answer: Yellow Submarine 

Question: Which movie saw Brooke Shields stranded on a desert island with Christopher Atkins? 

Answer: Blue Lagoon

Question: In the film, “Die Another Day”, what is the sport in which James Bond takes part?

Answer: Fencing 

Question: What is the name of the British equivalent of the Oscars? 

Answer: The BAFTAs  British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Question: Which 1950’s cultural icon of teenage disillusionment starred in the film Rebel Without a Cause

Answer: James Dean

Question: Fallout is the subtitle of the sixth film of which action spy movie franchise? 

Answer: Mission Impossible 

Question: What is the common name for the format in which the successful 1962 film How the West Was Won was shot? 

Answer: Cinerama This was a three-camera and three-projector process that was projected onto curved screens in cinemas

Question: Which is the only country in Western Europe not to have ever imposed film censorship? 

Answer: Belgium