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The Advertising Slogan

Many businesses have found success through establishing a well-known advertising slogan.  Test your knowledge here.

Question:  Which company promotes it products with the tagline, Because You’re Worth It? 

Answer:  L’Oréal 

Question:  Which brewer has used the slogan, Probably the best beer in the world?

Answer:  Carlsberg 

Question:  Which retailer says, Every Little Helps? 

Answer:  Tesco 

Question:  In the Advertising slogan, You Should have gone to … Where? 

Answer:  Specsavers 

Question:  Which company’s products are Finger Lickin’ Good? 

Answer:  KFC 

Question: According to the advertising slogan, There is an awful lot of coffee … in which country? 

Answer:  Brazil 

Question:  Normally as part of the lyric in the Ad, what product was promoted with Any time any place anywhere? 

Answer:  Martini 

Question:  Name the company whose advertising slogan claims that, I’m Lovin’ It? 

Answer:  McDonald’s 

Question:  Which company used this advertising slogan; A diamond is forever? 

Answer:  De Beers 

Question:  Which  is The Worlds’ Local Bank? 

Answer:  HSBC 

Question:  Name the car manufacturer that is Vorsprung durch technik? 

Answer:  Audi 

Question: What is it that Gives You Wings? 

Answer:  Red Bull 

Question:  Whose advertising was based around the catchphrase It Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin? 

Answer:  Ronseal 

Question:  Which Department Store is Never Knowingly Undersold? 

Answer:  John Lewis 

Question:  Whose voice told UK audiences for years that Heineken Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach? 

Answer:  Victor Borge The famous Danish comedian and pianist