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British Highways

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Question: A section of which Motorway was the first to be built in the UK?

Answer: M6 Originally built as the Preston by-pass, this 8 mile piece of Motorway was opened in 1958 by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

Question: The Tay Road Bridge carries traffic northwards to which Scottish city?

Answer: Dundee

Question: The Historic road, the A5 stretches from London to where?

Answer: Holyhead on Anglesey 

Question: Which motorway uses the Severn Bridge to cross the Severn Estuary?

Answer: M48 The M4 crosses the Severn Estuary using the bridge known as The Second Severn Crossing

Question: In the UK what is the maximum speed that a car can tow a caravan on a British Motorway?

Answer: 60 MPH

Question: In which city were the first traffic lights installed?

Answer: London  

Question: Which Motorway service area was the first to be opened in Britain?

Answer: Watford Gap  

Question: In the UK, what colour is the background on signs showing tourist information?

Answer: Brown

Question: Which is the longest Motorway in the UK?

Answer: M6 At 232 miles long it beats the M1 at 193 miles, the M4 at 188 miles, the M5 at 162 miles and the M25 at 117 miles in length

Question: In 1996 Daniel Hooper, better know as Swampy, became famous in connection with which road?

Answer: The Newbury By-pass  

Question: In England, which Roman Road is 220 miles long and stretches from Exeter to Lincoln?

Answer: Fosse Way 

Question: What is the official name of the bridge that crosses the Thames at Dartford thus, effectively, joining the M25 together?

Answer: The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge