British Trivia

An Assortment of Questions and Answers about Britain, British Life and British People

Question: Which London establishment had the first escalators installed in the UK in 1898?

Answer: Harrods

Question: What are the four animals that guard Nelson’s column?

Answer: Lions

Question: The Lion and the Unicorn appear on the Royal Coat-of-Arms. The lion represents England, what does the unicorn represent?

Answer: Scotland   

Question: What name is given to a street, typically in London, that today is used for residential purposes but was previously used for stabling?

Answer: A Mews

Question: Which of London’s theatres is the oldest to still be operating on its original site, despite being rebuilt four times? 

Answer: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Originally built in 1663

Question: Which Second World War Royal Navy ship is permanently moored on the River Thames in London as a museum?

Answer: HMS Belfast   

Question: In Britain during the 20th century because of two wars with Germany, what alternative name was given to German Shepherd Dogs because of the German part of their name?

Answer: Alsatian 

Question: Which city was the first in the UK to adopt the postcode system?

Answer: Norwich

Question: In which city was the first organised municipal fire brigade in the world established? 

Answer: Edinburgh 

Question: What is the name the open area off Whitehall where the annual Trooping the Colour takes place?

Answer: Horse Guards Parade  

Question: Which Somerset town is believed to be the cradle of Christianity in England and the burial place of King Arthur?

Answer: Glastonbury

Question: The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and Statue prominently situated in the middle of the West End of London is better know as what?

Answer: Eros The monument was erected in 1892–1893 to commemorate the philanthropic works of Lord Shaftesbury in Child Labour and Factory Reform. 

Question: Which town in England contains the largest castle in Europe?

Answer: Windsor 

Question: In which county is the historic Bluebell Railway to be found?

Answer: Sussex 

Question: Which British seaside town has the highest average property prices in the UK?

Answer: Sandbanks, near Poole in Dorset

Question: The Central Criminal Court of England & Wales is better known as what?

Answer: The Old Bailey 

Question: What was the name of the first ship to bring citizens from Caribbean UK territories to post-war Britain which gave its name to a Generation of immigrants to the UK? 

Answer: Empire Windrush Caribbean immigrants to Britain from the 1940’s to 1070’s became known as the Windrush Generation. 

Question: Name the former Car Assembly plant in Birmingham which employed 25,000 workers that became embroiled in disputes with the Trade Unions in the 1970’s led by Derek Robinson, better known as Red Robbo?

Answer: Longbridge   

Question: Excluding all native languages and dialects, what is the most spoken language in the UK?

Answer: Polish   

Question: The current London Bridge dates from 1967. Where, today, would you find its predecessor which spanned the River Thames in London from 1831 to 1967?

Answer: Lake Havasu City, Arizona 

Question: By what name are the 100 cast iron figures facing towards the sea just north of Liverpool known?

Answer: Gormley Men The entire site is officially called Another Place but the statutes are better known as the Gormley Men after their sculptor, Sir Antony Gormley who was also responsible for the Angel of the North 

Question: In London each year, in which month is the Lord Mayor’s Show held?

Answer: November