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Question: What is the art of cutting shrubs into ornamental shapes called?

Answer: Topiary

Question: Which garden plant in the 17th century was exchanged as a form of currency? 

Answer: Tulips In the Netherlands  

Question: The Temperate House is the world’s largest Victorian Greenhouse.  At which location can it be found? 

Answer: Kew Gardens Also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens.  

Question: Which garden is considered to have be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? 

Answer: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon   

Question: By what name is Lancelot Brown usually better known?

Answer: Capability Brown   

Question: What is the other name for a Mountain-Ash tree? 

Answer: Rowan   

Question: What is the alternative name for the aubergine?

Answer: Eggplant (or Solanum melongena) The aubergine is an edible species of nightshade called Eggplant in North America, Australia & New Zealand, but in Britain the French name aubergine is more commonly used.