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Film Music

Question: Which film features the song, The Bear Necessities?

Answer: The Jungle Book 

Question: From which animated film does the song Bright Eyes come? 

Answer: Watership Down  

Question: Who sang the theme tune to the Bond film, ‘You only live twice’?

Answer: Nancy Sinatra.

Question: In 1967 and in 1968, the Oscar winning song for each year were both sung by English actors. The singer of the winning song in 1967 was the father of the singer of the 1968 song. Name the father and the son; and the titles of the songs that the sang?

Answer: Rex Harrison sang Talk to the Animals in 1967 and Noel Harrison sang The Windmills of your Mind in 1968.

Question: Who composed the James Bond theme?

Answer: Monty Norman It has twice been found in court that Monty Norman and not John Barry composed the Bond theme although the latter was the arranger of the theme and also wrote the music scores of the next eleven James Bond films after Dr No. The score for Dr No was written by Monty Norman.

Question: For which film did Maurice Jarre compose Lara’s Theme? 

Answer: Doctor Zhivago