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Question: What is a bottle of Champagne containing one-and-a-half litres called? (This is the equivalent to two standard bottles of wine.)

 Answer: A Magnum

Question: Which country is the largest producer of tea?

 Answer: China   

Question: From which country does the beer Grolsch come from?

 Answer: Netherlands

Question: Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne?

 Answer: Dom Perignon   

Question: What is the coffee drink called that is made from espresso with additional hot water added?

 Answer: Americano (or Caffe Americano)   

Question: Which Scottish River supplies over 90% of all water used in Scotch Whisky production?

 Answer: River Spey  

Question: The cocktail, Gin & It which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s is made with which two principle ingredients?

 Answer: Gin and Vermouth  The “It” in the name refers to Italian (sweet) vermouth.

Question: Where would you find the Marlborough wine-making region which is, arguably, the best region in the world for the production of Sauvignon Blanc wines?

Answer: New Zealand The Marlborough district of New Zealand is the most northerly part of the south island of that country. 

Question: What type of spirit is Armagnac?

 Answer: Brandy   

Question: Which Champagne is named after the widow Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin?

 Answer: Veuve Cliquot

Question: What is the name of the Cocktail that was named after the City in which it was invented by the Barman at the famous Raffles Hotel in 1915?

 Answer: Singapore Sling

Question: Which month marks the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau?

 Answer: November  

Question: Which type of Gin should be used for the drinks Pink Gin and Sloe Gin?

Answer: Plymouth Gin   Plymouth Gin is a sweeter Gin than the better know London Gin which is a more bitter Gin.

Question: In which country would you find the wine making region known as the Barossa Valley?

 Answer: Australia   

Question: How many standard wine bottles make up a Nebuchadnezzar?

 Answer: Twenty   

Question: What flavour is Cointreau? 

 Answer: Orange   

Question: Who first introduced Tea into Britain or, at least, was first to make it a fashionable drink in the UK?

 Answer: Catherine of Braganza  She was the wife and Queen Consort to King Charles II and brought with her a chest of tea when she arrived in England from Portugal to marry the King. Tea is first mentioned in Samuel Pepys diary on 25th September 1660. 

Question: Which liqueur is said to be made according to a secret recipe of Bonnie Prince Charlie?

 Answer: Drambuie   

Question: In which country is the Hawkes Bay wine growing region?

 Answer: New Zealand