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Question: What is the most eaten food in the world being the main food for half the population of the world? 

Answer: Rice

Question: Which food stuff was not rationed during World War 2 but was rationed after the war?

Answer: Bread 

Question: From what fish is gravadlax made? 

Answer: Salmon

Question: Which powder includes Turmeric, fenugreek, chillies and cumin? 

Answer: Curry Powder

Question: Which country is the biggest producer of olive oil producing over 38% of the world’s total? 

Answer: Spain

Question: What is the name of the process where meat is soaked in a flavoured or spiced liquid? 

Answer: Marinade

Question: What type of pastry is used for profiteroles? 

Answer: Choux

Question: What is the name of the traditional English dish which is made up of leftover food which is recooked in a frying pan and usually consisting of potato, cabbage and other greens? 

Answer: Bubble and Squeek

Question: What is the name of the fruit that grows on a Blackthorn? 

Answer: Sloe

Question: What name is given to the group of Italian cheeses which are hard, old, and have a special strong taste? They are usually grated and used as flavourings.  

Answer: Parmesan

Question: What fruit do you get when you cross a Raspberry with an American Dewberry? 

Answer: Loganberry

Question: What type of food is a Pentland Javelin? 

Answer: A Potato 

Question: Traditionally, what is used as a filling in Eccles cake? 

Answer: Currants 

Question: Name the biscuit that contains currants and is named after an 18th century Italian leader? 

Answer: Garibaldi

Question: What is traditionally used for the outer casing of a haggis? 

Answer: Sheep’s Stomach

Question: What is the name of the Italian dish of large tubes of pasta filled with a savoury meat mixture? 

Answer: Cannelloni

Question: On Burns Night, which vegetable is the traditional eaten with the haggis? 

Answer: Mashed Swede

Question: What is sushi traditionally wrapped in? 

Answer: Edible Seaweed

Question: Give the culinary name for a bunch of herbs used for flavouring in cooking. 

Answer: Bouquet Garni

Question: What are the three principal ingredients used to make a Béchamel Sauce? 

Answer: Butter, Flour & Milk 

Question: From which country does the Boerewors sausage originate? 

Answer: South Africa 

Question: What is the name of the traditional English dish made from pork trimmings and pigs head? 

Answer: Brawn

Question: Which dish is made by curdling cream with wine, adding flavouring and frothing it up? 

Answer: Syllabub 

Question: In which country did the dish Chop Suey originate? 

Answer: USA 

Question: Which edible stomach lining comes in blanket, honeycomb, book and reed forms? 

Answer: Tripe 

Question: Which Provençal cold sauce, made from garlic and basil, is similar to pesto without pine nuts? 

Answer: Pistou 

Question: Which meringue-based dessert is named after a Russian Prima Ballerina(1881-1931)? 

Answer: Pavlova – after Anna Pavlova