British Army

Question: Which is the most senior Regiment of Foot Guards in the British Army?

Answer: The Grenadier Guards The full title of the Regiment is The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards. The name Grenadier was added after they defeated Napoleon’s crack Grenadier Regiment at the Battle of Waterloo. The Bearskin head-dress also comes from this action.

Question: Soldiers from which Regiment have been awarded the most VCs (Victoria Crosses)?

Answer: The 24th of Foot; The 2nd Warwickshire Regiment; The South Wales Borderers. These three different names are for the same Regiment whose name was changed a number of times.  Read the full story here.

Question: What two words are written on a Victoria Cross medal?

Answer: For Valour  

Question: Which Regiment was ranked the First Regiment of Foot in the former order of precedence of Infantry Regiments?

Answer: The Royal Scots aka The Royal Regiment This Regiment has since been merged with others to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Question: British soldiers are often referred to as Tommies, particularly during the First World War. From which mythical British soldier is this nickname derived?

Answer: Tommy Atkins There are numerous different stories as to who was Tommy Atkins ranging from a rebellion in Jamaica in 1743, to a brave dying soldier revered by Wellington at the Battle of Boxtel in 1794, to the Indian Mutiny, and to the casual use of this name in the specimen forms and regulations in British Army handbooks. 

Question: Which Regiment in the British Army claims to be the oldest regiment in continuous regular active service. Founded by General George Monck it can trace its lineage to the New Model Army?

Answer: Coldstream Guards  

Question: On average, how long is a fuse on most grenades?

Answer: Around 5 seconds  

Question: In what year after the Second World War was National Service abolished?

Answer: 1960