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William Pitt “The Younger”

British Prime Minister 1783 – 1801 and 1804 – 1806

William Pitt (the Younger) ranks highly amongst British Prime Ministers largely because of his ability as a Wartime Leader. As a person he never endeared himself to others, indeed as a solitary person he never set out to endear himself. He was colourless, he exuded superiority and he had no social ambition. But in leading a country under threat of invasion by Napoleon he defined the role of national defender. He also understood the country’s needs in modernising itself and he enabled the country to start begin the transformation from an agrarian society to an industrial one without any form of major or violent upheaval.

Question: Who was the British Prime Minister during much of the earlier part of the Napoleonic Wars?

Answer: William Pitt the Younger

Question: What relation was William Pitt (known as the Younger) to another former British Prime Minister of the same name (known as the Elder)?

Answer: Son