Edward I

King of England & Wales

A military King who crushed the rebellion led by Simon de Montfort against his father, Henry III.  As King he conquered Wales and created his own son Prince of Wales, a title held by the heir to the English throne ever since.  He was arguably the first person to promote the idea of Britain with the island being one nation not three.  Hence after conquering Wales he attempted to do the same with Scotland but he died before being able to achieve this although he was already being called the Hammer of the Scots. Another legacy from his reign was the Longbow, an unknown weapon to the English but used against them very effectively by the Welsh. This fearsome weapon became important to the (future) English/Welsh nation and was used to devastating effect in battles against the French like Crecy and Agincourt.

Question: Edward I was reputedly very tall.  As a consequence what was his nickname?

Answer: Edward Long Shanks