George V

British King

George V reigned from 1910 to 1936 during a period when many other European royal families (to which he was largely related) were overthrown. Although he was brought-up-British, his ancestry was more German than British and, likewise his wife, Mary, also brought up in the UK, was a German Princess. With the backdrop of World War I they realised that for the British monarchy to survive it must become distinctly British.  They changed the family name to Windsor and they started the process of the monarchy being-there-for-the-people rather than the reverse as, historically, it always had been.

Question: Which British Monarch changed his family’s name to Windsor?

Answer: George V 

Question: The Town of Bognor applied and was granted the right to add Regis to its name because the King stayed there as it was thought that the sea-air would be good for his lung condition. Which King was this?

Answer: George V 

Question: What was George V’s favourite indoor hobby about which he was quite an expert?

Answer: Stamp Collecting Presumably including those that included his own head!

Question: Choosing a British family name for the British Royal Family was a more difficult task than expected. Who actually came up with the name Windsor as the family name for the British Royal Family?

Answer: Lord Stamfordham He was the King’s Privater Secretary