Henry II “Henry Plantagenet”

King of England

Question: Who was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry II but was later murdered as a result of a mis-understanding of the King’s motives?

Answer: Thomas Becket   

Question: Which King of England is seen as the founder of English Common Law?

Answer: Henry II  Amongst other reforms, he established Assizes, created writs as a means of transferring land and he attempted to align church law with that of the country.

Question: Name the two sons of Henry II who both became Kings of England.

Answer: Richard I (The Lion Heart) and king John  

Question: Which King of England imprisoned his wife for fifteen years?

Answer: Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine was held in prison until his death after which she reigned on behalf of her son, Richard I (The Lion heart) while he was away on the Crusades.

Question: What is the origin of England’s Three Lions?

Answer: Heraldic emblem of the Plantagenet Kings of England  This stems from  Henry II the first Plantagenet King of England. 

Question: What is the origin of the Cross of St George on the England flag?

Answer: The Crusades In 1188 Henry II of England and Philip II of France agreed to go on a crusade with England using a white cross and France a red cross. At some unknown point during the Medieval period England exchanged the white cross for the red-on-white cross.

Question: Who was the first King of England to invade and take control of Ireland?

Answer: Henry II  

Question: Which Anglo-Norman Lord during the reign of Henry II became synonymous (largely as a mercenary) with the conflicts in Ireland largely as a result of an invitation from Dermot MacMurrough,  the King of Leinster?

Answer: Richard Strongbow  

Question: Who was the mother of King Henry II of England?

Answer: Matilda  Sometimes known as Empress Matilda.  She was the daughter of King Henry I of England who was the youngest son of William the Conqueror