James IV

King of Scotland

Having been complicit in a rebellion that killed his father James III, James IV became a sound ruler of Scotland. He saw that peace between England and Scotland would be to the advantage of both countries. He confirmed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace by marrying Henry VII of England’s daughter Margaret Tudor. This would lead to the eventual union of the crowns of England and Scotland. But when war came between England and France in 1513, James had difficulties as he had treaties with both countries. So when Henry VIII of England invaded France, James was forced to declare war on England before being defeated and  killed at the Battle of Flodden (aka Flodden Field) to become the last monarch from the British Isles to suffer this fate.

Question: Who did James IV marry in order for his descendant James VI of Scotland to also become James I of England?

Answer: Margaret Tudor She was the sister of Henry VIII of England

Question: Between who was the Battle of Flodden Field fought in 1513?

Answer: England & Scotland