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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria may be best remembered for giving her name to a period of history and for her association with the British Empire and being Empress of India.  However, more importantly, she had to rescue the monarchy from the mess created by her immediate predecessors, particularity the public contempt in which it was held.  She proved to be a unifying personality with whom, especially, the middle class of Great Britain had great empathy and the length of her reign gave the monarchy a much needed stability. Her political views, especially over foreign affairs, appear to have been aligned to what was in the nation’s interests which, again, made her a sympathetic character in the eyes of the British public.

Question: Which British monarch was the first to appear on British postage stamps?

Answer: Queen Victoria

Question: Who is said to be Queen Victoria’s favourite prime Minister?

Answer: Benjamin Disraeli 

Question: What event ended what was known as The Personal Union of the Kingdoms of Hanover and the United Kingdom? 

Answer: The accession to the UK throne of Queen Victoria Succession laws in Hanover, based on Salic law, prevented a female inheriting the title 

Question: What was Queen Victoria’s first language or mother-tongue?

Answer: German Queen Victoria was actually a good linguist being totally fluent in English and German as well as speaking good French & Italian and some Hindustani. As her mother & governess were both German, it is believed that she spoke no English before the age of three.

Question: Queen Victoria and her close friend, Anna 7th Duchess of Bedford are credited with popularising which British tradition?

Answer: Afternoon Tea