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First World War Allies

(also known as the Entente Powers)

Question: In November 2018, Germany were the only country left fighting the allies.  Where did they sign the armistice that ended the First World War?

Answer: On a train in the Forest of Compiègne This is about 50 miles north east of Paris 

Question: What effectively ended Russia’s participation in World War 1?

Answer: Bolshevik Revolution 

Question: Which British liner was sunk by a German submarine in May 1915 resulting in the death of many Americans?

Answer: Lusitania 

Question: Who was the American President throughout the entire period of the First World War?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson

Question: What was the name of the secret document, intercepted by British Intelligence, that was sent by Germany to Mexico in 1917 proposing a military alliance against America where German would assist Mexico to recover Texas, Arizona and New Mexico?

Answer: The Zimmermann Telegram

Question: Who coined the phrase about the First World War, The War to End All Wars?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson – HG Wells The phrase is most associated with the American President Woodrow Wilson who took it from the title of a book about the war by HG Wells called The War that will End War. So either answer is correct.