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Western Front

Question: Which company built the Dr.1 tri-plane flown by the Red Baron?

Answer: Fokker

Question: Name the exit from the city of Ypres through which British & Commonwealth soldiers marched on their way to the trenches in the Ypres Salient?

Answer: The Menin Gate

Question: What is the Third Battle of Ypres more commonly known as?

Answer: The Battle of Passchendaele (1917) 

Question: Name the first battle that the British army fought on continental Europe after the Battle of Waterloo?

Answer: Battle of Mons (1914) 

Question: In which First World War battle did the Germans first use poisonous gas as a weapon on the Western Front?

Answer: Second Battle of Ypres (1915) 

Question: Name the Battle that saw the first deployment of tanks in a large number? 

Answer: The Battle of Cambrai (1917) 

Question: What is the name given to the attempts in 1914 by the German and British Armies to outmanoeuvre each other on their western flank?

Answer: The Race to the Sea

Question: In early August 1918, the Allies launched an offensive on the Western Front that was to take them ultimately to victory on 11th November. By what name is this period known?

Answer: The Hundred Days

Question: Who during the latter part of the First World War was the Supreme Allied Commander on the Western Front and accepted the request from the Germans for an armistice

Answer: The French General, Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Question: Which town in World War One was awarded the Military Cross by Great Britain and the Croix de Guerre by France?

Answer: Ypres 

Question: What was the name given to the first (prototype) tank built for the British Army during the First World War? 

Answer: Little Willie 

Question: Who commanded the American troops on the Western Front during World War One? 

Answer: General Pershing 

Question: In World War I, the Germans called their defensive line on the Western Front The Siegfried Line. What name did the British use for this German defensive line? 

Answer: The Hindenburg Line

Question: Which Allied Country provided the most troops for the Battle of Vimy Ridge against the Germans in WW1?

Answer: Canada

Question: Who was Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in France during the first eighteen months of World War One?

Answer: Sir John French Later Viscount French