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The Beatles

Question: What was the title of the Beatles first No. 1 Hit in the UK?

Answer:  Please Please Me  

Question: What is the name of the Beatles album that is synonymous with the name of the recording studio in which they recorded?

Answer:  Abbey Road  

Question: Who was the Producer of the vast majority of the Beatles’s records and was sometimes referred to as The Fifth Beatle?

Answer: George Martin

Question: According to the Beatles, who Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been?

Answer:  Eleanor Rigby  

Question: Name the record label on which the early Beatles records were released in the UK?

Answer: Parlophone Records

Question: What became the nickname for the Beatles at the height of Beatlemania?

Answer:  The Fab Four  

Question: Who was the Beatles manager until his death in 1967?

Answer:  Brian Epstein  

Question: To which record label in the USA where the Beatles signed in 1963?

Answer:  Capitol Records Capitol Records was owned by EMI who also owned Parlophone Records 

Question: The Beatles’s songs Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane were on a double A-side hit for the Beatles in 1967. One of the songs was written by John Lennon, the other by Paul McCartney.  Which of these songs did Paul McCartney write?

Answer:  Penny Lane  

Question: What was the name of John Lennon’s first band that was to evolve into the Beatles?

Answer: The Quarrymen

Question: The Beatles in 1968 set up there own record label called Apple Records.  What is the word for apple in Japan?

Answer:  Ringo  

Question: Who did Ringo Starr replace to become The Bealtes drummer?

Answer:  Pete Best  

Question: Which band did Ringo Starr leave to join the Beatles?

Answer:  Rory Storm and the Hurricanes  

Question: Who is the only musician to ever receive an acknowledgment on an official Beatles release?

Answer:  Billy Preston He played the keyboards on Get Back  

Question: Where did the Beatles play their final live performance which was on 30th January 1969?

Answer:  On the roof of the Apple Corps building Located at 3 Savile Row, London.