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International Organisations

Question: What does the acronym NATO stand for?

Answer: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Question: In which city was the first meeting of the General Council of the United Nations held?

Answer: London At Westminster Central Hall on 10th January 1946 

Question: In Islamic countries, by what name is the Red Cross know?

Answer: Red Crescent

Question: Which human rights organisation was established in London in 1961 and received the Nobel Peace prize in 1977?

Answer: Amnesty International

Question: In which country was Alcoholics Anonymous founded?

Answer: USA

Question: Five countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council including the USA, UK, France and Russia.  Which is the other country?

Answer: China

Question: Where in 1945 was the conference held that established the United Nations?

Answer: San Francisco Forty-six nations were originally invited to the San Francisco Conference; essentially those nations which had declared war on Germany and Japan and who had subscribed to the United Nations Declaration.