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Question: During the 20th Century, which Party Leader / Prime Minister won a General Election the most times?

Answer: Harold Wilson 4 times – 1964, 1966, Feb 1974 & Oct 1974.

Question: In the House of Lords, chairs and other seating are covered with red leather.  What colour is used in the House of Commons? 

Answer: Green  

Question: What is the equivalent position in the UK to the USA’s Secretary of State? 

Answer: Foreign Secretary  

Question: Which Prime Minister passed the Metropolitan Police Act in June 1829 thus paving the way for a Police Force to be created?

Answer: Robert Peel

Question: Who was the most recent British politician to become Prime Minister without being leader of their own Party?

Answer: Winston Churchill  On 10th May 1940, Churchill became Prime Minister of a wartime Conservative-Labour coalition Government. His predecessor, Neville Chamberlain remained leader of the Conservative Party until his death in November 1940.

Question: Who is the first person from an ethnic minority to hold one of the top four cabinet positions (Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequor, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary) in the British Government?

Answer: Sajid Javid Prime Minister Theresa May appointed him Home Secretary in 1918.

Question: Which British Prime Minister was known as both Sunny Jim and Big Jim?

Answer: James Callaghan

Question: Which leader of the Labour Party was filmed slipping over on a Brighton beach in 1983 when getting caught by a wave?

Answer: Neil Kinnock

Question: Who was the last politician to be appointed British Prime Minister as a Member of the House of Lords?

Answer: Earl of Home [pronounced Hume] After becoming Prime Minister in 1963 he resigned his peerage and became a MP as Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

Question: In what year was the Act of Union between England and Scotland signed?

Answer: 1707

Question: Name the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?

Answer: Spencer Perceval (1812)

Question: Who was Peter Mendelson’s famous grandfather and former politician?

Answer: Herbert Morrison Morrison was a leading Labour Politician who served as a Cabinet Minister in governments led by both Churchill and Attlee. 

Question: Name the British politician who was President of the European Commission in the 1970’s before returning to the UK to form a new Political Party.

Answer: Roy Jenkins  He was a founder of the SDP (Social Democratic Party) which later merged with the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats.

Question: The four Great Offices of State in United Kingdom politics are considered to be Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary. Who was the last person to have held all four of these prestigious posts?

Answer: James Callaghan

Question: Who was the last politician to hold the position of Foreign Secretary whilst sitting in the House of Lords?

Answer: Lord Carrington He was Foreign Secretary from 1979 to 1982 but resigned having failed to foresee the invasion of the Falklands by Argentina.

Question: What was the name of former Prime Minister Ted Heath’s racing yacht?

Answer: Morning Cloud

Question: Up to the year 2010, how many Labour Party British Prime Ministers have there been?

Answer: 6 Ramsay McDonald, Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, Tony Blair & Gordon Brown

Question:  In the UK, some women were given the vote in Parliamentary elections in 1918. In what year was this extended to all women?

Answer: 1928

Question: What is the emblem (or logo) of the British Conservative Party that replaced the torch in 2006?

Answer: A Tree

Question: British Government security agencies are known as MI5 and MI6.  What does MI stand for?

Answer: Military Intelligence

Question: Which British Prime Minister returned home in 1938 waving a piece of paper signed by Hitler and declared he had achieved Peace in Our Time?

Answer: Neville Chamberlain

Question: In the UK which industry does OFSTED regulate?

Answer: Education

Question: What was the stage name of the musician who founded the Monster Raving Looney Party?

Answer: Screaming Lord Sutch

Question: Name the only British Prime Minister to have been born outside the British Isles? 

Answer: Andrew Bonar Law He was born in New Brunswick, Canada and moved to the UK at the age of 12. He became Prime Minister in 1922 but died in office less than a year later in 1923.  He is thus also the shortest serving Prime Minister of the UK.

Question: Born Barbara Betts, which Labour politician of the 1960’s and 1970’s was known as the Red Queen

Answer: Barbara Castle