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Question: If the Hammers are playing the Gunners, in which city would you be? 

Answer: London The Hammers are West Ham and the Gunners are Arsenal; both London clubs.

Question: Which footballer won the Golden Boot award for the most goals scored in in the 1986 World Cup Tournament?

Answer: Gary Lineker (six goals) 

Question: Who is the only man to have ever scored a hatrick in a Football World Cup final?

Answer: Geoff Hurst  In 1966 at Wembley when England beat West Germany 4-2

Question: In 1966 England won the World Cup.  Who was the BBC commentator of that match who uttered the immortal words, They think it’s all over … It is now?

Answer: Kenneth Wolstenholme 

Watch the final seconds of the 1966 World Cup Final – Kenneth Wolstenholme commentating

Courtesy of BBC TV

Question: For which country did the Welshman, Michael Owen play international football? 

Answer: England 

Question: In Football (Soccer) what does VAR stand for?

Answer: Video Assistant Referee 

Question: Which footballer recorded ‘Fog on the Tyne’ with Lindisfarne?

Answer: Paul Gascoigne (aka Gazza)

Question: The American Glazer family is the owner of which English football team?

Answer: Manchester United 

Question: The Premier League football club based in Tottenham, North London is named after which historical character?

Answer: Harry Hotspur His real name was Sir Henry  Percy, a 14th century rebel defeated by Henry V at the Battle of Shrewsbury and featured in Shakespeare’s play Henry IV. He was a member of the Duke of Northumberland’s family that owns land around White Hart Lane in North London.

Question: Name the only footballer to have played for Newcastle United, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United. 

Answer: Peter Beardsley 

Question: Which is the only English Football club to have won the European Championship but has not played in the top English league since 1999?

Answer: Nottingham Forest 

Question: Who was the Manager of the Tottenham Hotspur Double-Winning team of the 1960’s?

Answer: Bill Nicholson 

Question: Name the Dutch footballer who transferred from Arsenal to Manchester Utd in August 2012 for £23 million?

Answer: Robin Van Pursie 

Question: Nicknamed The Stags, which lower league English professional football club plays at Field Mill?

Answer: Mansfield Town