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Question: What is the name of the form of transport that stems from the Latin “for all”?

Answer: The Bus (Omnibus) 

Question: What car and model did James Bond drive in the film Goldfinger

Answer: Aston Martin DB5

Question: Which model of car in production from 1908 to 1927 was nicknamed the Tin Lizzie

Answer: Ford Model T   

Question: Which former British car manufacturer was named after its founder who later became Lord Nuffield? 

Answer: Morris  William Morris, later Lord Nuffield, was the founder of Morris Motors Ltd 

Question: The Rolls Royce radiator ornament is called The Spirit of ….. what? 

Answer: Ecstasy

Question: The model number of an Aston Martin is often a number preceded by the letters DB.  What does DB stand for? 

Answer: David Brown In 1947, the Huddersfield gear and machine tools manufacturer David Brown Limited which also built agricultural tractors bought Aston Martin putting the car maker into its Tractor Division. David Brown sold the car maker in 1972.

Question: Who was the designer of the original Mini car or as they were more properly called, the Morris Mini-Minor? 

Answer: Sir Alec Issigonis  

Question: In 1945 to what name did British car manufacturer SS Cars change their name in order to prevent association with a Nazi organisation? 

Answer: Jaguar 

Question: Which model of car is usually known as the Käfer in Germany? 

Answer: The VW Beetle  Käfer is German for Beetle 

Question: What was the name of the company formed by the 1952 merger of Morris and Austin cars? 

Answer: BMC  British Motor Corporation.  It also owned other car marques including Vanden Plas, Wolsely, MG & Riley 

Question: In which decade did Britain introduce a compulsory Driving Test? 

Answer: 1930s The precise year was 1935 

Question: The car known as the Mini is often called the Mini Cooper.  What is the relevance of the name Cooper? 

Answer: Named after John Cooper.  John Cooper, designer & builder of F1 and rally cars, saw the potential of the original Mini for competition, and worked with Sir Alec Issigonis, the designer of the original Mini on a sports version.  

Question: What did the British car manufacturer MG’s name originally stand for? 

Answer: Morris Garages Founded in 1921, it was originally a promotional side of Morris Motors producing high-tuned versions of Morris Cars 

Question: What was the previous name for the car manufacturer, Audi? 

Answer: Auto Union