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Question: What are the two destinations that the Orient Express originally travel between?

Answer: Paris and Istanbul  

Question: In which country would you find the original Legoland?

Answer: Denmark

Question: Is Benidorm in the Costa Brava or Costa Blanca?

Answer: Costa Blanca

Question: Which is the most southerly region of mainland Portugal which is known best for tourism?

Answer: Algarve

Question: In Britain, what is The Cote d’Azur better known as?

Answer: The French Riviera  

Question: Which city was previously known as Byzantium?

Answer: Istanbul 

Question: In which country will you find Lapland? 

Answer: Finland 

Question: Which island country is the most westerly part of Africa?

Answer: Cape Verde 

Question: Which was Princess Margaret’s favourite Caribbean holiday island?

Answer: Mustique 

Question: Which lake is called the ‘jewel of the Italian lakes’?

Answer: Lake Como  

Question: In which American city will you find Fisherman’s Wharf  – a neighbourhood and popular tourist attraction?

Answer: San Francisco  

Question: Where would you find Wenceslas Square? 

Answer: Prague The capital of the Czech Republic

Question: Near which Egyptian city would you visit the Colossi of Memnon?

Answer: Luxor 

Question: In which European city will you find the Spanish Steps?

Answer: Rome

Question: The Shelbourne Hotel, built in 1824, is the oldest and most lavish hotel in which capital city?

Answer: Dublin  

Question: ATOL protects you when you book a holiday with a UK travel company; what does letters ‘ATOL’ stand for?

Answer: Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing  

Question: Which Caribbean island country is sometimes called the ‘Island of Spice’?

Answer: Grenada  

Question: The island of Hispaniola is occupied by two countries. Name them.

Answer: The Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic