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Question: Which is Britain’s busiest railway station when measured by the number of passengers?

Answer: Waterloo Station in London

Question: If you are arrive by train at Waverly station, in which UK city would you be?

Answer: Edinburgh

Question: In Australia, the Indian Pacific Railway travels between which two cities?

Answer: Sydney & Perth

Question: St Davids, St Thomas and St James Park are all railway stations in which British city?

Answer: Exeter

Question: Which British train holds the world record for the fastest recorded speed of a steam locomtive?

Answer: The Mallard

Question: In which country was the world’s first public railway?

Answer: England

Question: What is the name of the physical object given to a train driver to authorize use of a particular stretch of single track? 

Answer: A token

Question: What is the colloquial name in the UK of a very early morning train? 

Answer: The Milk Train Until the 1960’s milk was moved by rail usually early in the morning with trains that also carried passengers.  In the USA the saying stems from trains travelling from the countryside to cities that made numerous stops at minor depots to picked up fresh milk, making the colloquial expression mean a very slow train.

Question: What is the name of the safety mechanism on a train which automatically applies the brake if a lever is released? It is intended to stop a train if the driver is incapacitated. 

Answer: Dead man’s handle

Question: Between which two cities is the longest scheduled train journey in the world 

Answer: Moscow (Russia) and Pyongyang (North Korea) The journey is 6,500 miles, includes 157 stops, takes 8½ days and runs every other month.