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Farm Animals

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Question: A Blackface is a breed of which animal?

Answer: Sheep 

Question: What type of animal is a Rhode Island Red?

Answer: Chicken  It is a dual-purpose chicken used for both its meat and eggs. 

Question: Away to me and Come by are words of command used by farmers to what animal?

Answer: Sheep Dogs  Away to me is the command for the dog tio go to the right of the stock, or anti-clockwise around them while Come by means to go to the left of the stock or clockwise around them. 

Question: What do you get when you cross a male donkey with a female horse?

Answer: A Mule However the offspring of a female donkey and a male horse is called a Hinny. The only difference between a hinny and a mule is that hinnies are slightly smaller and have slightly shorter ears than mules. They are also more rare. 

Question: Turkeys are native to which continent?

Answer: North America Domesticated and used by the Aztecs, turkeys were taken to Europe by the Spanish. 

Question: True or False; chickens like to clean themselves in dirt?

Answer: True  Chickens like to dig a shallow pit in the dirt, squat down, spread & shake their wings to get a good dusting. This help to ward off parasites and maintain good insulation in their plumage. 

Question: Among farm animals, which breed includes Welsh, Tamworth, Yorkshire Blue & White and Saddleback?   

Answer: Pig   

Question: How many compartments do Cattle have in their stomach?   

Answer: Four