USA Culture

Question: In the USA what do Americans call 10 cents?

Answer: A Dime

Question: Which USA State has the Union Jack on its flag?

Answer: Hawaii

Question: What colour is a New York City taxi? 

Answer: Yellow 

Question: Which USA State is sometimes referred to as the Empire State?

Answer: New York

Question: By what name is the legendary wild-west character William Bonney better known?

Answer: Billy the Kid

Question: Which is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America?

Answer: Lake Superior  It is the largest in terms of both surface area and volume of water. 

Question: What was the name of the purchase of nearly one million square miles of land by the United States from Napoleon’s France in 1803?

Answer: The Louisiana Purchase  Napoleon was only interested in an European Empire for France so sold French interests in what today is the USA. 

Question: Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?

Answer: Colorado River  

Question: Which US sheriff in 1881 surprised and killed Billy the Kid in a darkened bedroom?

Answer: Pat Garrett    

Question: In the USA in the 1860s, the Pony Express advertised itself as being able to get messages between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in how many days?

Answer: Ten    

Question: In which town did the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral take place in 1881?

Answer: Tombstone in Arizona 

Question: Which rifle is often referred to as The Gun that Won the West?

Answer: The Winchester Rifle (model 1873)  This Rifle (and its carbine equivalent) had a lever-action (aka Martini-action) mechanism that allowed it to fire a number of shots before being reloaded. 

Question: After whom is the American city St Louis named?

Answer: King Louis IX of France  Much of central USA was in French hands until sold by Napoleon to the USA 

Question: Which US city, often abbreviated to OKC, is the home of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum?

Answer: Oklahoma City