George III

British King

King George III was the first Hanoverian monarch to be born in Britain and to speak English as his first language. Prior to mental illness in his last 10 years by which he is often best remembered, for 50 years he presided over possibly Britain’s most successful period which included the Seven Years War and the Napoleonic Wars.  He influenced affairs through his strong alliance with Prime Minister William Pitt (the Younger), the most formidable politician of the period. On the downside he also presided over the loss of the American colonies.

Question: What relation was King George III to his predecessor George II?

Answer: Grandson

Question: Who is the longest reigning British King?

Answer: George III  George III of the United Kingdom 1760-1820, 59 years; James VI of Scotland (and I of England) 1567-1625, 57 years; Henry III of England 1216-1272, 56 years and Edward III of England 1327-1377, 50 years