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Modern European History in 19th to 21st Century

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Question: What event caused the end of the French Third Republic? 

Answer: The Defeat of France by Germany in 1940

Question: From which country did Belgium gain independence in 1831?

Answer: Netherlands

Question: Name the Russian leader prior to Vladimir Putin.

Answer: Boris Yeltsin

Question: Who was the Prime Minister of France during the last two years of the First World War?

Answer: Georges Clemenceau

Question: By what name is the four month period in 1968 known in Czechoslovakia where political liberalisation existed during an era of Soviet Union domination?

Answer: The Prague Spring

Question: Up to 1962, the headquaters of the French Foreign Legion had been in which country for over 100 years?

Answer: Algeria

Question: By what name is the Yugoslav communist leader and statesman Josip Broz better known?

Answer: Marshal Tito

Question: Which country’s second empire began with the conquest of Algeria in 1830?   

Answer: France 

Question: Who in 1968, led the Czechoslovakian government in relaxing state control of industry and allowing freedom of speech against the will of the Soviet Union?   

Answer: Alexandr Dubcek

Question: The Grand Duchy of Finland belonged to which other country between 1809 and 1917?

Answer: Russia

Question: Which Empire declared war on Russia in 1853?  Their resulting defeat gave Russia control of the Black Sea.

Answer: The Ottoman Empire