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British World War Two Spitfire and Hurricane

World War Two

The Best Pub Quiz Questions on World War Two.

Choose from the categories below to find loads of the Best Pub Questions on the Second World War. Visit our unique World War Two Timeline to give you inspiration for your Pub Quiz or to just learn about what happened when and where during the Second World War.

Find Questions on the Phoney War, the Home Front, the Battles of Britain and the Atlantic, the Desert War, Italian Campaign, Air War, D-Day, Burma, and the War in the Pacific.  There are questions on the Great Battles of the war and about the Leaders & Generals including Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, Mussolini etc. 

Also visit our section on Great British Commanders to find out about the foremost British Military Commanders during World War Two.

When it Happened during WW2

From Outbreak of War to Dunkirk

Life in Britain during WW2

From Dunkirk to the end of 1940

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U-boat threat to British trade

The Battles against Rommel

The Liberation of Italy

The Bombing of Germany

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D-Day to Germany’s Surrender

The toughest campaign of WW2

From Pearl Harbour to the Bomb

Barbarossa & Russian Fight-back

Hugh Savings To Be Had

Allied Countries & their Leaders

Axis Countries & their Leaders

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