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European History during the Renaissance

Question: Prague was the capital of which former Kingdom?

Answer: Bohemia

Question: Which French King was responsible for building the Palace at Versailles?

Answer: Louis XIV

Question: What is the name of the family that were the Electors of Brandenburg and went on to become Kings of Prussia and Kaisers of Germany?

Answer: Hohenzollern 

Question: Where in France was Joan of Arc put to death?

Answer: City of Rouen

Question: In which naval battle in 1571 did the Venetians, assisted by the Spain and the Holy League, defeat the Ottomans to stop their dominance of the Mediterranean?

Answer: Battle of Lepanto This Battle is also significant because it was the last battle to be fought almost entirely between rowing vessels (galleys and galeasses); it was fought between 400 ships making it the largest naval battle ever in terms of the number of ships involved.