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D-Day and Battle of Normandy

Question: On D-Day, the Americans landed on two beaches while the British & Canadians landed on three beaches. What was the code name for the beach on which the Canadians landed?

Answer: Juno

Question: Who was the leader of the Free French during the period of German occupation of France?

Answer: General Charles de Gaulle

The BBC Brings the News of D-Day

John Snagge reads a special bulletin about D-Day

Question: After landing on D-Day, the British army faced tough fighting through a terrain of mixed woodland, pasture and sunken roads.  By what name is this terrain known?

Answer: The Bocage

Question: Who commanded the Allied Armies during the Battle of Normandy?

Question: Operation Market Garden was its official title but by what name is the operation to capture bridges over the Rhine better known as a result of the film about it?

Answer: A Bridge too Far

Question: Name the French World War One General that led the puppet French Vichy government during World War Two?

Answer: Marshal Philippe Petain 

Question: What is the name of the Battle where the Germans counter-attacked the Americans in southern Belgium during the winter of 1944/45?

Answer: Battle of the Bulge

Question: The French Resistance was a collection of French groups that fought against the Nazi German occupation of France.  What is the name of the small groups that operated in rural areas?

Answer: The Maquis

Question: What was the name of the deception plan used by the allies to make the Germans think that the invasion would be in the Pas-de-Calais rather than Normandy?

Answer: Operation Bodyguard