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The Italian Campaign

Question: Which country declared war on Britain on 10th June 1940 in support of Germany only to declare war on Germany in September 1943?

Answer: Italy 

Question: Where did the Allies carry out their first major beach landings of the war which was on the Italian mainland?

Answer: Salerno

Question: Who was the Allied military commander in Italy during WW2?


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Question: Name the German defensive line in Italy during WW2 which included Monte Cassino?

Answer: Gustav Line Sometimes known as the Winter Line

Question: Operation Husky in July1943 was the invasion of which Mediterranean island?

Answer: Sicily 

Question: The Allies’ efforts in Italy involved the British Eighth Army and the American Fifth Army. Who commanded the American Fifth Army?

Answer: General Mark Clarke 

Question: Where did the Allies undertake a beech landing behind the German positions on the Gustav Line?

Answer: Anzio 

Question: Who was the German military commander in Italy during WW2?

Answer: Field Marshal Albert Kesselring

Question: What is the name of Germany’s final defensive position in Italy during WW2?

Answer: Gothic Line 

Question: After Italy surrendered to the allies, where was Mussolini’s German puppet state, The Italian Social Republic based?

Answer: Salo on Lake Garda 

Question: The western end of the German Gustav Line was protected by a further defensive line which the Allies called the Winter Line.  By what name was it known by the Germans?

Answer: Bernhardt Line 

Question: Name the attritional battle on the Bernhardt Line that had to be won by the allies before they could attack Monte Cassino.

Answer: Monte Camino There were two battles – the First and Second Battles of Monte Camino – before Monte Camino was captured, a mountain that the British soldiers called Murder Mountain. 


British Soldiers taking cover on Monte Camino