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Russian Front

Question: In which year did Germany invade the soviet Union?

Answer: 1941 

Question: What was the military name for Germany’s invasion of Russia?

Answer: Operation Barbarossa

Question: Which Russian city in World War 2 was besieged and nearly captured by the German 6th Army only for the Soviets to counter-attack, cut off and capture the entire remains of that Army?

Answer: Stalingrad

Question: Name the biggest tank battle of the war which started as a German counter-attack against the Soviets but ended in their defeat?

Answer: Battle of Kursk This battle remains the largest tank battle of all-time.

Question: People from Russia and other former Soviet States do not normally speak in terms of the Second World War.  By what name do they normally refer to their war with Germany during this period?

Answer: The Great Patriotic War

Question: Name the Soviet General that took command of the Soviet fight-back against Germany and ultimately led them to victory?

Answer: Georgy Zhukov

Question: What was the name of the German policy that lay behind Germany’s invasion of Russia in 1941?

Answer: Lebensraum This was policy to provide Living Space for the Germanic peoples.  The policy was not exclusive to the Nazis as it had been part of German thinking since 1901.

Question: What was the name of the German operatiuon to evacuate by sea ethnic Germans and wounded soldiers from East Prussia to Germany during the final months of the war?

Answer: Operation Hannibal