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Question: How many Wimbledon singles titles did Martina Navratilova win?

Answer: Nine

Question: In tennis, what score always follows deuce?

Answer: Advantage

Question: How many consecutive times did Bjorn Borg win the Men’s Tennis Singles at Wimbledon?

Answer: Five  (1976–80)

Question: Who was the last British player to win the Wimbledon womens single title?

Answer: Virginia Wade (In 1977)

Question: Which Open Tennis Championship did Sue Barker win in 1976?

Answer: French Open

Question: Which female tennis player’s winning streal of 74 matches, the longerst in the Open era, was set in 1984?

Answer: Martina Navratilova

Question: Who won their only men’s singles title at Wimbledon in 2001, eleven years after his first entrance to the championships?

Answer: Goran Ivanisavic

Question: Who was the first person that was not a member of the Royal Family to present winner trophies at the Wimbledon Championships?

Answer: Ann Jones