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Question: Which “soap” is the longest running on UK radio?

Answer: The Archers 

Question: What was the name of the 1950’s BBC comedy show that starred Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers?

Answer: The Goons

Question: What is the name of Ken Bruce’s pop quiz on his weekday morning show on Radio Two?

Answer: Pop Master 

Question: Which organisation broadcasts programmes worldwide to members of the UK’s Armed Forces?

Answer:  BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Services

Question: Which long-running programme provides ball-by-ball commentary of cricket Test Matches?

Answer: Test Match Special Sometimes just called TMS 

Question: What was the first record played on Radio One?

Answer: Flowers in the Rain by The Move Played by Tony Blackburn on the first Breakfast Show when he opened the station.

Listen to the Opening of Radio One in 1967

Tony Blackburn was the first voice on the new BBC station designed to replace the Pirates

Question: What was the name of the fictious dog that used to feature on Tony Blackburn’s Radio One Breakfast Show?

Answer: Arnold 

Question: Which was the first (legitimate) music-based Independent Local Radio Station in the UK which started broadcasting in 1973?

Answer: Capital Radio Capital went on air eight days after LBC (London Broadcasting Company) which is a news and speech station.

Question: From where is BBC Radio Five Live broadcast?

Answer: Salford in Manchester 

Question: Chris Moore was the first person in 1964 to present a programme on which radio station?

Answer: Radio Caroline 

Question: American Radio Stations in the USA are known by a call-sign of four letters.  Those stations located to the east of the River Mississippi usually begin with the letter W. What is the first letter for those to the west of the Mississippi?

Answer: K 

Question: Who was the first Director-General of the BBC who laid down its philosophy which is to inform, educate and entertain?

Answer: John Reith later Lord Reith

Question: Name the popular weekly show on the BBC Light Programme (and later Radio Two) that linked people in Britain with members of their family serving in the armed forces overseas and with members of their family living in other Commonwealth Countries?

Answer: Family Favourites Later it was better know as Two-way Family Favourites

Question: On which radio station did Kenny Everett first become popular before joining BBC Radio One in 1967?

Answer: Radio London The pirate station not the current Radio London that is operated by the BBC!

Question: What was the BBC radio serial of the late 1940’s about the fictional adventures of ex-Commando Captain Richard Barton MC and his mates Jock Anderson & Snowy White?

Answer: Dick Barton Sometimes referred to as Dick Barton, Special Agent

This is the signature tune of the BBC’s Radio Drama, Dick Barton, Special Agent

A Classic from Pre-TV days (1946 – 1951)

Question: The BBC World Service is the largest international broadcaster in the World. Started in 1932, by what name was it known before the Second world War?

Answer: The BBC Empire Service 

Question: Which renowned comdey show on the Light Programme in the 1960’s was fronted by Kenneth Horne and starred other well-known comedy performers including Kenneth Williams?

Answer: Round the Horne 

Listen to a clip of Round the Horne

Usually broadcast around Sunday lunchtime it starred Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams and others

Question: What specific event in World War Two caused the BBC to remove the anonymity of their announcers and newsreaders?

Answer: The German capture of Luxembourg Announcers and newsreaders remained anonymous for the first eight months of the war but when Germany invaded Luxembourg there was a fear that the Germans would broadcast fake news on Radio Luxembourg which was listened to by many in the UK. BBC presenters therefore needed to be known in order to be trusted.

Question: Which was the first Independent radio station to open in the UK outside of London?

Answer: Radio Clyde Based in and broadcasting to Glasgow 

Question: Which classic comedy show featured a character who lived in run-down house at 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam? 

Answer: Hancock’s Half Hour 

Question: In which year did the BBC commence broadcasting?

Answer: 1922 

Question: What is the name of the building adjacent to Broadcasting House in London that is home to much of the BBC’s national radio output?

Answer: Wogan House

Question: Advertising on and sponsorship of certain American radio programmes in the 1930’s by soap manufacturers was to produce which genre of programme that is prevalent today on all forms of broadcast media?

Answer: Soap Operas

Question: From which BBC radio station of the Second World War does the BBC’s current Radios One and Two emanate?

Answer: The Forces Programme The Forces’ Programme, set up to entertain troops and maintain their morale during the war, became the basis for the BBC’s Light Programme after the war and in 1967 was split into Radios One and Two.

Question: Which Government Minister was responsible for the Marine Offences Act in 1967 that outlawed pirate stations in the UK?

Answer: Tony Benn 

Question: What was the name of the first radio station that broadcast to London that was to become the BBC?

Answer: 2LO

Question: Who was the first monarch to broadcast?

Answer: King George V